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Meet the Team: Clark Engblom

Meet Clark, Creed’s Chief Technology Officer, who recently celebrated his tenth work anniversary at Creed. Clark brings over twenty years of experience with a deep understanding of custom technology solutions. As Creed’s lead technology strategist he oversees technical Discoveries and large client projects by helping diagnose and implement innovative solution offerings. Clark continues to leverages emerging technologies–including both custom and out-of-the-box solutions–to deliver exceptional outcomes for Creed clients.


Clark is passionate about…

building and inspiring teams. He strives to create an environment where everyone can do their best work and feel supported in their career development. By investing in his team members and helping them grow, he ensures that Creed always has the best people in place to meet the challenges of the ever-changing tech landscape.

In his role, Clark is responsible for developing Creed’s vision for technology and strategy.  Clark is an expert in custom technology solutions and is passionate about his work, constantly looking for ways to improve existing solutions and develop new ones. Clark stays on top of technology trends so that he can identify opportunities for Creed to create custom solutions that meet and exceed client’s current and future needs.

Through his work at Creed, Clark has proven himself as an expert solutions architect in the technology space at the cross section of client goals and user outcomes. 



Key Skills

  • Technical Discoveries and solutions planning
  • Team management and development 
  • Organization leadership 
  • Sales support and business development



Notable Creed Projects



Fun Fact

Although Clark thoroughly enjoys all things computers, it may surprise some folks to learn that he enjoys being outside and outdoor activities like fishing, hunting and snowmobiling. And, unlike many of colleagues in tech, Clark has never seen Star Wars or Star Trek.