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DevOps Days

A few months ago the four of us who attended Hack the Gap were offered tickets to a conference called DevOps Days. Because of the generosity of the event organizer (thanks Bridget!), we secured one more ticket so all five of Creed’s developer/designer ladies were able to attend and represent as the largest all-female group at a conference in a male-dominated industry. This is important because the event featured an impressively diverse lineup of speakers and the overarching theme of the conference was empathy, inclusion and diversity – core tenants of DevOps. We’re proud to embody those ideals!

DevOps Days was created as a way for developers, sysadmins and anyone else involved in technology, expert or beginner, to connect and learn from their local community. DevOps itself is essentially agile systems administration, the breaking down of silos to be more effective, efficient and innovative at a foundational level. And just be happier. These are a few of the speakers who resonated with us:

Nicole Forsgren

The Data on DevOps

Megan Carney

How Security Can Win Friends and Influence People

Jeff Smith

DevOps: What’s Buried in the Fine Print

Sarah Goff-Dupont

Marketing: Your Unexpected DevOps Allies

Charity Majors

Making Good Choices with Software