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5 ways to use Salesforce better

Salesforce is one of the world’s leading CRM solutions, with powerful features that can benefit both large and small businesses. It gives you an insight into your customers’ behavior, helping you to understand their needs and improve customer service.

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But you need to know how to use Salesforce’s features fully if you’re going to maximize the benefits of your Salesforce subscription.

So here are five ways that you can get the most out of Salesforce:

Take advantage of its powerful mobile features

Salesforce has fantastic mobile functionality which allows users to access the Salesforce CRM from any location. 

While some CRM systems only offer basic functionality for mobile users, the Salesforce mobile application provides access to all of the features of Salesforce.

This is incredibly useful for sales reps, who can quickly answer queries, obtain pricing and close deals on location. The mobile functionality of Salesforce also helps you to increase efficiency, cutting response times and boosting your business’s performance.

Use Salesforce as more than a Contact Database

Using a CRM system is an effective way to maintain a database of prospect and customer contacts. But if that’s all you’re using Salesforce for, you’re missing out on the full impact of the system.

Salesforce is a powerful lead management tool, helping you to refine and improve your marketing campaigns and strategies. The Salesforce CRM makes collaboration between employees simple, regardless of location, and it also assists with sales forecasting to create predictions that can be adjusted in real-time.

And your customer service team can use Salesforce to access client details, sales history and other information, which improves response time and customer relations.

Make the most of Automation with Salesforce

Automating your sales pipeline with Salesforce is a powerful way to improve sales performance. 

By automating account management, lead management and your sales workflow, you can improve the customer experience and boost sales. You can also automate after-sales customer service, using AI-powered chatbots to provide instant replies to customer queries and creating self-service portals where customers can find information on their own.

And Salesforce’s AI algorithms can also improve your sales forecasting, goal setting and performance tracking. Its powerful analytics let you see at a glance how your business is performing, predict future performance and make better, faster business decisions.  

Customize Salesforce to maximize the benefits

Salesforce has simple point-and-click functionality which makes it easy for users to build apps and create custom reports and dashboards. But if you want to know how to get the most out of Salesforce CRM, you really need to learn how to customize it and engage with a development team.

Practically every aspect of Salesforce can be customized, allowing you to create a CRM system that is perfectly tailored to fit the unique needs of your business, even if that is for some of the lesser-known applications of:

  • Tracking inventory
  • Managing production
  • Product/parts database
  • Quality Assurance functions
  • Finance/Billing

Make the most of Salesforce with third party integrations

The Salesforce CRM system has impressive levels of functionality on its own, but you can boost this even further by taking advantage of the many integrations available with third party software. 

Using 3rd party APIs to share data from Salesforce to other applications means that you can get even more out of your Salesforce subscription. And these integrations help to make Salesforce one of the most powerful CRMs in the market.

Although Salesforce is a market-leading CRM system, few users take full advantage of its functionality. But when you know how to use Salesforce’s features to full effect, it can help to take your business to new levels of success.

If you would like to learn more about how Creed can help you optimize and custom build your Salesforce experience, please contact us for a consultation.