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Creed’s Motion Graphics Video Wins Big at Web Excellence Awards

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Creed Interactive has been honored as the winner of the 10th Web Excellence Awards in the Video & Podcast / Motion Graphics & Effects category.

Basel, Switzerland – September 18, 2023  – The Web Excellence Awards, a prestigious international web awards competition, have officially announced the winners, showcasing the quintessence of excellence in digital media and the World Wide Web.

Our video, “Creed: A people-first digital agency” has been recognized as the esteemed winner in the 10th Web Excellence Awards for the Video & Podcast / Motion Graphics & Effects category.

The video is embedded below:

“We are honored to be recognized with this prestigious award,” said Sarah Leeth, Creed’s general manager. “Our design team continues to expand specialization in animation and video services. This acknowledgement affirms the incredible talent we have within these areas.” 

With each passing year, the Web Excellence Awards competition grows fiercer. In its 10th season, the competition received over 1,500 entries. The outstanding projects came from 26 countries across 6 continents, including Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the UK, the USA, and many more. It is truly an international celebration of talent, diversity, innovation, and creativity.

Our award-winning video, “Creed: A people-first digital agency,” epitomizes creativity, fun, and innovation, serving as a powerful tool to exemplify our commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences. Through its captivating motion graphics and effects, this video not only entertains but also magnificently highlights Creed Interactive’s dedication to digital excellence.

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About Web Excellence Awards

The Web Excellence Awards is a groundbreaking platform that acknowledges and promotes excellence in web development and digital innovation. Its mission is to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of creative companies and individuals across the globe.