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Deep Work : Our Secret Sauce to an Effective Work Environment

If the internet connection is reliable, for three days of the week we can make any location our office. From sitting on the edge of a lake in the summer, to taking in the view of the Caribbean on a cruise ship, or from our well-curated spots at home, we see better solutions and the freedom to be better with our one-of-a-kind work schedule.

The idea to alter a typical work week schedule started when Creed’s Co-founder & President, Jonathan Anderstrom, attended a talk by Jason Fried at a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association Event. In his talk, Fried discussed how he ran his company with “deep work” theories. The thought process behind “deep work” explains that if you remove all distractions from the workplace and remain heads-down and fully focused, you have the ability to accomplish much more than you would in a typical office environment.

(Want to learn more? Watch one of Jason’s talks.)

The talk inspired Jonathan to create an environment that would support “deep work” theories. After a little trial and error, Creed found a flexible schedule that has its employees come into the office every Tuesday and Thursday for collaboration times, and work remotely on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Research has shown that the highest level of engagement occurs when 60-80% of the time is spent working remotely. We find this sweet spot to be exactly where we, as a team, work best. Our in-office days provide time to explore the digital depths of our projects in a collaborative setting as well as opportunities to continue to build strong connections. Remote days provide us a chance to put more of ourselves into our work without any distractions and interruptions.

Although we are not physically together three days a week, we are always on the same page.  Harnessing the endless wonders of technology for help, cell phones and Slack messenger are able to keep everyone in contact with one another on days we don’t come into the office.

Doing things this way frees up more time to spend with family, friends, and the various animals in our lives. This scheduling allows us to remain passionate about the important things in life – without losing heart and intellect for the work being done.