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Medical Device Web Technology Series – Sales Enablement

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As we covered in our introduction to this series, when going through the commercial transformation of a medical device, there are many factors to consider that will positively affect the full launch of the product. One of the major components to address are the web technology applications that those involved in your product will be depending on.   

In this overview, we will be focusing on the technologies that will aid in the efforts of onboarding and educating the current and future sales team on the medical device product.  

Your sales team is going to be on the front line educating the market and providing that first impression of your new product to doctors. The sales team needs to be adequately onboarded, educated and provided with a platform to easily access critical product information when they are interacting with the doctors.  

Either a virtual or in-person onboarding process will need a strong digital platform to support the training process. Each company will have its own unique onboarding materials and process but we have the 3 major components to include in the onboarding platform are:

  • Training/Tests
    • Your sales team will need to be trained on both the company and the specific devices they will be selling. The testing section can be customized within the platform.
  • Video instructionals of the product
    • Quick access to training or procedure videos is important during both the onboarding and sales support stages.
  • Marketing materials
    • Quick and easy access to brand-approved marketing materials for the sales team to include in outreach or social messaging.

These components may all exist at some capacity with your organization, but the key to accelerate the onboarding and for managers to keep track of the sales team progress is through customized dashboards. 

A customized dashboard will provide the salesperson access to:

  • Their progress in training and major milestones
  • Notifications of any new product feature documents
  • Tracking towards sales goals via an integration with your CRM
  • Links to industry-specific news

Lastly, along with the benefits described for your current sales team, recruiting high-quality sales professionals to your organization is also important to gain traction in the marketplace. If you can provide them insight into your technology advanced sales onboarding experience it will show them your commitment to the company and their success.

At Creed Interactive, we have experience partnering with medical device companies and working with them on successful strategies as they go through a commercial transformation and ensuring their web technologies drive the growth expectations.  

To learn more about any of the strategies covered, please reach out.