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Medical Device Web Technology Series – Doctor Engagement

In our previous post, we covered the web technologies that are helpful to enable your sales team for success in selling your med tech product. A critical next step after the sale is to have the web platforms in place that keep medical professionals engaged with your company.     

In this overview, we will be focusing on the best practices for implementing a training and educational structure via a web interface that will keep the medical professional engaged with your company as well as continuously communicate the value of your products. 

Woman typing on a laptop with stethoscope nearby


If the initial training of the product is done in person or your device only requires written or video training, you will want to have an engaging training platform for medical professionals to access. Three main components to consider for a training platform are:

  • Training Videos – Videos showing the application of the device during a procedure to reference back to.  
  • Interactive 3D Imagery – 3D diagrams can provide further detail of the complexities of the product.
  • Technical Documentation – Easy to access technical documentation that medical professionals can review in a mobile-friendly format.


Many medical professionals are required to obtain Continuous Education (CE) credits on a quarterly or annual basis. We have seen this as a great opportunity to create a platform for doctors and physicians to access and obtain credits via:

  • Interactive Training Courses –  Custom training courses can be created on a web platform with required testing to complete. 
  • Educational Articles/White Papers – You can build on your industry thought leadership by showcasing multiple white papers either on procedures, disease treatment or practice specific information.
  • Training/Knowlege Events – Hosting in market local training can be an effective way to keep doctors and physicians engaged with your company and sales team. These training events can be searched and booked via an interactive calendar in your CE section. 


A robust account management interface allows the medical professionals who use your device to track and manage all aspects regarding their relationship with your company. An engaging account management section will offer:

  • Training tracking – A summary of any trackable training that has been completed, including tests and certifications.
  • Product usage and order history – Depending on how your device is ordered, a detailed order history can be shown.
  • Patient information – If a secure HIPPA compliant database of patient information is required in relation to your product, a secure access to that portal can be either housed within the account management area or linked from.

At Creed Interactive, we have experience partnering with medical device companies to create many forms of education/training sites, from a basic portal to a complex online training University, we know that engagement is key to a successful commercial transformation. 

To learn more about any of the strategies covered, please reach out.