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Creed Culture

We’re All In.

All in. This phrase reinforces everything we stand for.  It encompasses our beliefs simply and effectively. The beauty of All in is that it means something a little different to each of us, embodying both action and emotion.

“Creed is truly a family inside and out – whether it’s sharing your perspective or thoughts on a project to genuinely caring about each person’s personal life and accomplishments.” -Jessica

For all of us, we desire to build relationships that are deeper than surface level. It’s about advocating for one another in an All inclusive team. We come from different backgrounds with unique skills and interests. We believe that our individualities make us who we are, and happily share those with the rest of the team and our clients.

“One of the strongest benefits of working with a small and tight-knit team is the confidence that everyone has your back. Our team gets the idea that individual success is dependent on the success of the group. When a team really understands and lives this idea, it builds confidence, encourages career growth and gives us all piece of mind that none of us are on our own – we’re all in this together.” –Bill

It’s important to us that we support one other and the work we do. We are willing to launch into any situation no matter the challenge, being All involved to get each project done.

“I can easily say that every person on the team is willing to jump in and offer help, guidance, or input even when it’s outside of their job description to solve.”  -Janelle

Our developers, creatives, project managers, and leadership team are at-the-ready to collaborate on projects providing  All intentional solutions to meet each client’s needs.

“All in begins with our team listening to our clients, so we are able to artfully recommend diverse solutions to technology opportunities. We hold high standards in the team members we hire so they can wholeheartedly invest in the clients we serve.”  -Grant

We’ve built a team and an office attitude that allows us all to be comfortable in our abilities to succeed and grow and to be  All inspired by the community and work ethic we have built.

Every member of our team is All in on projects and everything we do. We come together dedicated, driven, and willing to work as a team to support our vision as well as our clients’. We go All in every day by putting more of ourselves into our work and our lives.  We’re All in, how about you?