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Slumberland Funiture

Building A Better Way To Shop

Slumberland was one of Creed’s first clients, so when it came time to redesign and rebuild, our goal was not just to build a better site, we wanted to streamline the online furniture buying process.

Slumberland needed their upgraded brand expression system translated into a new, responsive user experience across their enterprise web content management and e-commerce system. Creed was up to the challenge.

Slumberland Funiture


Working closely with Slumberland to define their needs, we quickly identified that a custom MVC web application solution written in Microsoft’s C# .NET framework would tie the best with existing e-commerce processing systems.

As we audited the technologies used, we noticed key front-end and back-end efficiencies in the code to speed up the site and create a better user experience.



In an effort to streamline the UX, design and code, we used a mobile-first approach with this redesign.

This was a very large project. In order to ensure a positive outcome and smooth hand-off, we collaborated closely with Slumberland’s IT team throughout the entire project.

Our Approach

Creative Code

Both creative and code for this new site are clean, sleek and simple, making it easy and fast to shop.

Slumberland Funiture

Slumberland Funiture

Responsive Design & CMS

We worked with the Slumberland IT team to implement the best content strategy and choose the most flexibile grid to ensure a world-class mobile shopping experience.

Phone View
Tablet View


Increase in total page views.


Reduction in the bounce rate


Increase in average time per user session.


What Did We Learn?

The things we build are complicated, and we are the first to admit we're not perfect. We believe that projects should not be defined by their challenges but by how we collectively problem-solve to overcome them.

  1. Assuring Quality

    The first thing we learned on this project is the importance of having a quality launch. With any large enterprise e-commerce system, quality assurance is extremely important. We built out what is now a full QA department at Creed as a result of identifying all the factors that go into a complex launch such as this. The quality of the front-end code created such a positive influence on the user experience that the results speak for themselves - users are viewing more than twice the number of products!

    Jonathan Anderstrom

    Jonathan Anderstrom

    President & Co-Owner
  2. Strong Partnerships Create Complex Systems

    A good website works hard for your business, but with the level of integrated systems that we helped Slumberland implement, their site is now essential to running their entire business.

    A system this complex and interconnected requires a lot of trust and collaboration between agency and client. Slumberland is a true partner!


    Khalid Ishaque

    Senior .NET Developer