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MicroTransponder is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for treating tinnitus and stroke patients. They have created an innovative new set of therapies that uses an implantable device and paired with audio tones to help treat patients afflicted with tinnitus or stroke.

With growing approval and success in multiple countries, MicroTransponder needed a world-class, multi-lingual and audience-specific site to represent their brand and offerings.

MicroTransponder Devices


Our team focused our efforts around making sure the technology the site was built on would meet our client’s needs, both in the immediate future and in the years to come.

Other focal points included information architecture/content strategy guidance as well as an evolution of their visual identity and brand design system.



Instead of creating multiple sites for two different product lines, we chose to create a single site with two different silos that acted independently of each other based upon language/region.

We also learned in discovery that the rules and regulations surrounding our client’s products and services are complex, so establishing weekly status meetings was paramount. These regular meetings allowed us to receive fast feedback and approvals that kept the project moving.

Our Approach

Creative Code

We wanted to build a site that told a story and created visual interest. We also wanted to build a site that was easy to maintain and manage. So we did both!


Responsive Design & CMS

Bootstrap on the front and Drupal in the back means a flexible and responsive site that’s easy to update.

Phone View
Tablet View


Languages and regions served.


Audience and service specific sites.


Consistent user experience and brand.


What Did We Learn?

The things we build are complicated, and we are the first to admit we're not perfect. We believe that projects should not be defined by their challenges but by how we collectively problem-solve to overcome them.

  1. Found In Translation...

    Implementing sites with multi-lingual capabilities is never an easy task. However, working with a great group of people, both internally and with our client, allowed us to collaborate across several teams to ensure content and regulations were handled accordingly.

    Bill Gunter

    Bill Gunter

    Creative Director
  2. Building With & Learning From Drupal 8

    This project gave us the unique opportunity of diving headfirst into the newest version of Drupal almost immediately after its release. Although that came with some risks, working with such a great client that was willing to trust us through this process allowed our team to gain valuable knowledge on the newest system while also setting up our client with a more sustainable solution.


    AJ Jahnig

    Project Manager