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Cultivating Successful Ecosystem

Entellus Medical, creators of products to treat chronic and recurrent sinusitis, has been working together with Creed Interactive since 2009. What started out as a single company site for an emerging startup, has blossomed into multiple portals, sites and training platforms for a now public company.

The redesign and rebuild of multiple sites have been end-to-end efforts. They have involved developing new content strategies, creating new responsive designs, enhancing functionalities and platforms, improving SEO and moving to a new CMS with a global offering in multiple languages.

Entellus Medical Devices


Integrating into the Entellus team, Creed has been able to help them build an integrated ecosystem of sites, with each site's objectives and role within the whole solution influencing the technology used and the design. Collaboration and trust have been integral for both organizations, as many of the sites have gone through multiple iterations.



Using both a maintenance agreement to handle iterative work on existing sites and project-based budgets to handle new site development, Creed and Entellus have established a collaborative relationship to continue to build out and enhance Entellus's family of sites. Led by Renata France, who both project managed and developed the solutions, Creed built a lean, agile team that thrived on her analytical approach.

Our Approach

Creative Code

All the sites differ in their own right to meet their audience's expectations while maintaining the Entellus Medical brand. The real magic occurs behind the scenes, either by quickly scaling to include multiple languages or by tracking critical data that is centralized and analyzed under a core CRM to help sales teams, prospective clients and current practitioners.

Entellus Medical

Entellus Medical

Entellus Medical

Responsive Design & CMS

Top-notch Drupal development means a flexible and responsive site that works like a dream on any screen.

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Languages (and growing)


Years of success with Creed


What Did We Learn?

The things we build are complicated, and we are the first to admit we're not perfect. We believe that projects should not be defined by their challenges but by how we collectively problem-solve to overcome them.

  1. Collaboration Is Key

    With an actively engaged client and an equally engaged Creed team, the Entellus Medical sites show the success that collaborative teams can have when they work hard for each other. It has been a lot of fun to see the concepts become reality, and that reality become so influential for an organization.

    Grant Hultgren

    Grant Hultgren

    Chief Operating Officer
  2. Capacity For A Super-Smart Conversation

    While it is a challenge to create a whole ecosystem of interrelated web sites and applications, Entellus is proof that when you build it, smart doctors can’t get enough of it! The more we build the more they want, which is not only great for our client, it’s proof that we're making a useful little corner of the internet.


    Andrea Engblom