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A Customer Portal That Stands Out

ConvergeOne, a single-source provider for everything IT, needed a redesign and rebuild of their customer portal. This complex customer tool needed an updated look to match ConvergeOne's newly designed brand standards and a smoother user experience layer, all while adhering to strict SOC2 compliance regulations.

To be successful, we knew that we would need to work tightly with the ConvergeOne team to learn the in’s and out’s of their existing systems. We needed to determine what legacy code or structure could stay and what would need to be rebuilt from the ground up.

ConvergeOne Portal Screens


Taking the necessary up-front time to audit the existing tool, and to work with ConvergeOne team members directly, helped us to determine where the redesign would create the most positive impact for ConvergeOne and their customers. Our Discovery process also helped us identify potential project hurdles early, and was essential in creating a project roadmap that both Creed and ConvergeOne could get behind.



The shared knowledge we gained in our Discovery process forged a strong partnership with our client and set the stage for ongoing collaboration throughout the project. Regular status check-ins that included team members from all disciplines, across both teams, helped to encourage swift feedback and timely approvals. And, applying an agile work flow where UX, Design and Dev worked in tandem to iterate and evolve the project to streamline the timeline was critical to our success.

Our Approach

Creative Code

For this project, a beautiful interface AND beautiful code were extremely important to the success of the project. Our Creative and Dev teams worked closely, every step of the way, to ensure the design our client envisioned was built with a blend of modern technology and legacy technology.




Designed & Built For All Device Sizes

Built on a responsive and flexible grid, this powerful tool delivers a beautiful and intuitive user experience – any screen size, any device!

Phone View
Tablet View


Currently supporting over 5,000 customers.


Over 50k lines of code written on this project


100% new UX and interface design.


What Did We Learn?

The things we build are complicated, and we are the first to admit we're not perfect. We believe that projects should not be defined by their challenges but by how we collectively problem-solve to overcome them.

  1. When Both Sides Are Committed, A Snug Timeline Can Be Great

    Our ConvergeOne counterparts knew they were asking a lot when they gave us our project deadline. But what they lacked in time, our client made up for in flexibility, collaboration and trust! By staying connected, and sharing our goals, milestones and deliverables, we were able to create an amazing product in record time.

    Clark Engblom

    Clark Engblom

    Director of Technology
  2. Component-Based Design Is Totally Rad!

    Designing wtih components took a little more work up front, but once we had built a solid and flexible component library, building new pages and features became much more plug and play.

    This allowed us to create not only a very unique and extendable interface design, but also a super consistent user experience throughtout the tool. As any designer or developer can tell you, this can be the hardest part of any project.


    Bill Gunter

    Creative Director